Halloween Nail Art

I’m baaaack! And I’m so sorry for the lack of activity, finding the time to post between work and daily life has been hard but I promise I’m trying to get into a better routine. I’m feeling the Brawclaws love after the response to my first post – thank you all so much for your support and encouragement, I really really appreciate it!

Halloween is just round the corner, bringing with it plenty of nail art inspiration! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know I was quite excited a couple of weeks ago – I was contacted by beauty brand Julep to take part in their halloween nail art challenge!

Julep opened their first nail salon in 2007 and since then have exploded into all areas of beauty – with quality and customer satisfaction at the heart of their brand. I’m not yet lucky enough to own any stunning Julep polishes but I’m definitely lusting after them (particularly ‘Katie’ – oh yeah, did I mention all their polishes are girls!?) and their miracle Plié Wand, which looks like the answer to my nail art prayers! And if you’re already falling for Juelp, you’ll be head over heels to find out that a percentage of profits made from every sale of Julep nail colour goes to organisations that help to empower women! Woohoo – amazing products and girl power!

As a little treat, Julep have sent me an amazing exclusive halloween nail art tutorial to share with you all! I hope you love it – and I’d love to see how you get on with it. Send your pictures to brawclaws@outlook.com or #brawclaws on Instagram to share! Don’t forget to tag me in your comments.

I’ll post my attempt as soon as I can!


In the meantime, I’m excited to share a fantastic little technique I used to create these cute graveyard scene nails as my entry for Julep’s nail art challenge – DIY nail stickers – and they’re so easy!

Left hand

(left hand, home halogen lightbulb)

Creating stickers to apply later means that you can:

  • Work on a nail masterpiece over a period of time
  • Pick and choose designs that work out better to get the perfect look without all the fuss of working directly on the nail and attempting to clean up any mistakes
  • Work with your dominant hand the whole time!

You’ll need:

  • Greaseproof paper
  • Clear nail polish
  • A Sharpie

Make sticker bases by cutting a large piece of greaseproof paper to work with and painting ovals of a similar size to your nails with clear polish.

I used three coats.

Allow to dry. Fully. When you think they’re dry, let them dry a little more.

Create your design. I used a Sharpie for speed and ease but you could use nail polish or even acrylic paints.

Allow to dry. Again, fully. If you can leave them for 24 hours or overnight – do! You can use them whenever you like really – I imagine they’d dry out and become brittle in time but if you store them in a wee box or a plastic bag I think that would prolong their lifespan by at least a little bit.




Now for application.

Prepare nail stickers. By this I mean gently peel them away from the greaseproof paper, trim away any untidy edges with scissors and line them up in the order you want to use them.

Basecoat. Always.

Paint your base colour. Or don’t if you fancy a blank base. I chose a watermarble base; if you want to do the same, see my previous post Watermarble Nails.

Apply stickers to tacky-dry nails – I used tweezers to carefully lift and place them.

Allow to dry. Fully. No touching!

Apply topcoat. This will seal in your stickers and finish everything off nicely.

There you go – your very own nail stickers!


Right hand

(right hand, home halogen lightbulb)

Go check out Julep’s beautiful range of polishes, beauty products and their intriguing Plié Wand here and tell me what you think!