Amsterdam Adventures…

Hey ladies! Sorry I’ve been so quiet over the past couple of weeks – I was busy packing for a loooong romantic weekend in Amsterdam and I’m back with some big news…


My very sneaky fiancé (!) got down on one knee and proposed in the butterfly house at Artis Zoo on Valentines Day – and even managed to get pictures and video! It was the biggest, most wonderful surprise I’ve ever had and I’m absolutely over the moon that everything worked out exactly how he had planned.



Before we left for our trip, I attempted some random nail art inspired by the ridiculously talented Boom Nails London. I’ve followed @boomnailsldn on Instagram for a good while now and the amazing fine detail that she can achieve is mind-blowing – it’s definitely worth having a look at her work; if not for inspiration then simply to stare enviously at all the beautiful nail art.

Here’s a couple of before-the-bling snaps…



And here’s one of my set right after Jamie popped a ring on it!


I used the nib end of a nail art pen for all of the details – getting those fine lines is really, REALLY hard. I’m happy enough with these for a first attempt but I want to improve my fine detail work so I’ll keep practising!

We got home last night and obviously had to get out and see all the family today so I decided to quickly change to a simple mani that would let my beautiful ring be the centre of attention. I went with OPI ‘Got The Blues For Red’ from their new 50 Shades of Grey collection (‘Shine For Me’ may have fallen into my basket too!) and I’m glad I did! It’s a stunning, deep, blood red that screams passion. Perfect for an engagement!


Visit Boom Nails London here

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MUA Peel Off Base Coat

Here’s that post you were keeping your eyes peeled for!

As I mentioned in my first Braw Claws Loves Tara’s Talons post, I tried out a fantastic new base coat that will have glitter-fans running to Superdrug waving their purses in the air and screaming.


I spotted MUA’s Peel Off Base while I was running around buying Christmas presents at the end of last year. I didn’t have much spare cash for a proper browse through polishes (there’s no point in looking if I can’t buy, I’d only be torturing myself) and didn’t intend on buying anything for myself at all but at a very reasonable £2, whether it worked well or not, I couldn’t resist picking one up. I’m so glad I did!

I worked in my local Superdrug briefly in 2013 where I learned about MUA – a Superdrug exclusive brand that offers top notch, high quality cosmetic and nail products at phenomenal prices, allowing anyone on any budget to make sure they look and feel great! And their products really are great quality – I’m not just saying that – I’ve been pleasantly surprised by every MUA product I have ever bought. Plus, as with all Superdrug own brand products, MUA is 100% cruelty free. Get into your local Superdrug and try them out!

Back to the base! I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical. With OPI Glitter Off costing almost SIX TIMES the price of this little gem, I wouldn’t even have been annoyed if it was rubbish, but it wasn’t. It really wasn’t! Seriously, go buy it!

MUA Peel Off is clear and has no weird scent to it. I had a sniff as I was wary that I had just paid £2 for 10mls of some sort of cheap glue but I couldn’t smell a thing. It applies clear and dries clear with a very slightly matt finish. My coat was fully dry within about 15 – 20 minutes, but it was quite a thick coat. The base is rather wet and runny so a little really goes a long way, bear this in mind and only use a couple of drops when applying.

I applied two coats of MUA Peel Off under two coats of Tara’s Talons ‘Fresh’ – a nude base polish stuffed to the brim with neon glitter shapes in all sizes – with some more regular polish and nail art on top. The base coat wore really well, I was very impressed. I must admit, my mani only lasted a day without a chip BUT I blame myself not the base coat as I was being very heavy handed and not too careful with my fingertips! And even at that, it was a tiny chip, right at the tip of my ring finger on my right hand.


I used this base coat again the next day for another one of my Tara’s Talons glitter based polishes and wore my nails for 3 days and worked 2 full day shifts without any chips at all – so there you go, that first chip was most definitely not MUA Peel Off’s fault and I should be more careful when trying out new products!

So far, so good MUA. I was absolutely dying to peel my polish off and see how well the base really worked (so the chip was fate, really) and once again, I was amazed with the results of this phenomenal £2 product! I’m gushing, I know, but this is revolutionary for me! I’ve put off using glitter polishes in the past – as I’m sure a lot of you have – because I didn’t find an hour long session with the acetone and cotton pads to be worth it in the end. Now I don’t have to second guess picking out a stunning sparkly!

I used an orange stick and pushed the polish away from my nail working from base to tip and around the edges. The polish came away in one piece without any need for excessive force or scraping – the ease of removal was consistent across all of my nails – and there was no real need at all to use any polish remover. Click here to view my removal video on YouTube!


I really can’t stop saying it; I AM AMAZED! I looooooove this product and will most definitely be buying more. MUA Peel Off Base is now officially on my ‘nail essentials’ list. Since discovering this little beauty I would only buy OPI Glitter Off to see the comparison between the two and that’s only because I’m an OPI fan – but MUA Peel Off Base will have a permanent home in my stash now!

Go get it glitter fans! Gooooo!

Buy MUA Peel Off Base here

Browse MUA here

To visit my original post and find out how I created this look click here

Tara’s Talons Giveaway Shortlist!

The Tara’s Talons giveaway shortlist is up and I’m thrilled to say that the Braw Claws Loves Tara’s Talons series has made the cut!


As I’ve said, I really really enjoyed participating in this giveaway but it would be the icing on the cake to win a whole new bunch of Tara’s Talons polishes to create more wonderful manis with!

It’s public vote time and the final closing date is noon on February 9th – click here to view all three final entries and vote for your favourite.

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