Hi! I’m Emma – a twenty-something girl from a small town just outside Glasgow who’s fallen into an obsessive love affair with all things nails.
Anyone who knew me growing up may be surprised by this because I was a terrible nail biter until I was 19 – and I mean terrible. I’d nibble them right down to the nub and I hated my ugly stubs but I just couldn’t help myself. I didn’t understand why or what triggered it and this left me feeling completely helpless about kicking the nasty habit.
Then, sometime in 2009, I managed to keep a set of gel extensions on – a treat to myself from a local salon in an attempt to hide my hideous nails – for longer than I had ever managed to before. When I finally removed the set, I was amazed to find short, natural nail tips underneath.
I had decided: NO MORE BITING! And for some reason, this time, it worked. I filed carefully, applied oils and treatments and strengtheners religiously and with every little improvement, I felt immensely proud. I’d kicked it.
I think the excitement I felt when I realised I didn’t have to keep my nubby nails made me determined to have the prettiest, healthiest ones that I could so I highly recommend anyone struggling with nail biting goes and has their nails treated by a professional and educated nail technician who can help to look after your new nails through the process.
Since my nails have grown, my eyes have opened to the endless list of amazing and beautiful techniques, polishes, products and brands in the nail industry – and I want it all!


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