Braw Claws is a personal blog containing my own personal opinions. All photographs, content and work is my own unless otherwise stated.

Credit will always be given to who/where any inspiration or knowledge was obtained from.

Picture quality and colours may vary slightly – I do apologise. I always try to make sure that the colours are as true to life on my screen as possible before posting to the blog however, differing screen and settings variables may cause slight changes between devices.

I will always try to state the type of lighting used in my photographs when I post them – please feel free to request more.

Braw Claws contains my personal opinions on products that I have purchased and all opinions are given honestly.

Braw Claws welcomes products to review – any posts containing reviews of products sent as samples free of charge will state so in a short disclaimer at the end of the post.

If you are interested in having Braw Claws review your products, please contact me at brawclaws@outlook.com

Comments are fun! Any ‘not-so-fun’ comments will be removed.

I will try to answer any comments and questions as quickly as possible – get in touch!


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