Braw Claws Loves Taras Talons ‘Fresh’

Seeing as this is the first post of my Braw Claws Loves Tara’s Talons series I thought I should start by creating a mani with the polish that prompted me to make my first ever Tara’s Talons purchase.
I spotted a swatch of ‘Fresh’ on Instagram last year and HAD to have it. Tara was offering a pick and mix bag in her Etsy store at the time containing four 10ml polishes of your choice for £20 plus she was offering a 15% discount code to her followers (something she does frequently on social media so click here to keep up to date with Tara’s Instagram account) – I’m a sucker for a bargain! ‘Fresh’ was top of my list and my addiction to Tara’s Talons had begun.
‘Fresh’ is a creamy nude base jam packed with neon shapes in all sizes – dots, hexes and squares galore! It’s a party in a bottle, cupcakes and sweeties and all the pretty! As I’ve found with most of my Tara collection, ‘Fresh’ dries quickly – by the time I finish painting my second hand the first is pretty much fully dry – and it applies well. One coat gives a really light and subtle nude base coverage with plenty of bright pops of neon colour dotted around. Use two coats for a full base coverage and a “glitter sandwich”-ish effect.


(one coat under home halogen bulb – please excuse any patchy bits, I was rushing as usual!)

I’ve learned through experience that applying glitter polishes is slightly different to applying regular polish (it’s logical really, when you take the differences in consistency into account). I apply glitter polish by painting my nail using the regular two/three stroke method to get base coverage, then I dab the now slightly drier but still glitter-packed brush onto the wet polish on my nail to maximise the glitter coverage on top.


(home halogen bulb)

I painted a base coat – keep your eyes peeled for more details in a later post 😉 – and allowed it to dry. I used two coats of ‘Fresh’ as my base colour and a nail art pen striper brush in white to create a triangle at the tip of my nail. Then, I carefully applied two coats of Barry M Nail Paint in Berry Lilac from the base of my nail out towards the edges to block out my base in the area around the triangle. After allowing this to dry, I repainted the white lines of the triangle tip to define the area and used the dotting nib end of the nail art pen to add dots. Topcoat, as always, to finish it all off 😀


(home halogen bulb)

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Tara’s Talons ‘Falling Leaves’

I told you I’d try really hard to post more often and I’m determined to stick to my promise!

This one is my first swatch post and it’s the beautiful ‘Falling Leaves’ by Tara’s Talons. This is a light blue creamy base containing dark glitter circles and hexes in various sizes with a subtle bronze flakie shimmer here and there. A gorgeous autumnal shade that shows you don’t have to opt for dark and heavy to bring your nails into the new season!


(home halogen lightbulb)

Tara is a fabulous indie polish maker and blogger based in the UK and I am a huuuuge fan.

When I first started to get passionate about nails and discovered that there were people out there making their own indie nail polishes I was instantly obsessed. There are many brands out there doing their own thing and doing it very well but unfortunately, I’m far too stingy for the US shipping for the time being. In my search for an indie that lived closer to home I came across Tara’s Talons.

I bought my first Tara’s Talons polishes earlier this year and quickly fell in love – high quality, 5-free (see below for a quick explanation if you aren’t familiar with this term) and a great choice of shades ranging from downright quirky and bold to the classics with a twist. On top of all that, I’ve yet to receive a package from Tara that doesn’t have a lovely little added bonus alongside my beautifully wrapped, pretty new polishes!

Every single time I wear a Tara’s Talons polish, I get compliments about it’s beauty and originality – this is definitely a unique indie brand that everyone needs in their stash!

Browse and buy Tara’s Talons polishes here
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(5-free means that Tara’s polishes contain absolutely no Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin or Camphor whatsoever. These are some pretty nasty chemicals that have all sorts of horrible side effects so YAY for 5-free!)